1. Laboratories
 Physics     - 1 no.
 Chemistry   - 1 no. 
 Biology  - 1 no.
 Computer Science - 3 no.
 Junior Science - 1 No.
 Primary Activity Room - 1 No.
 Film Show Room(Primary Classes) - 01 No.

2. Staff Room
 Primary staff room 
 Secondary staff room

3. Library
 We are proud to have one of the most spacious Libraries. We have a  huge collection of books in our Library. Following is the list of Periodicals subscribed by our Vidyalaya 

Periodicals List

a) Daily News Paper  
 The Hindu 
 The New Indian Express 
 Dhinamani (Tamil) 
 The Times of India
 Deccan Chronicle
 Rajasthan Patrika(Hindi)

b) Weekly Magazine 
 The Week 
 Sport Star 
 Employment News

c) Fort Nightly 
 Magic Pot 
 Champak (H) 
 Champak (E) 
 Women's Era
 Griha Shobha 

d) Monthly  Magazine
 Jr. Chandamama
 Education Today(9-10) 
 Educational Today (11-12)
 Biology Today
 Chemistry Today
 Physics for you
 Mathematics Today
 Science Reporter
 Tell me why

e) Computer Magazine 


Total Number of Books:                                         10703
 English fiction/non fiction:                                    2201
 Hindi books:                                                           1398
 Chemistry:                                                              146
 Physics:                                                                  235
 Biology:                                                                  121
 Sports:                                                                    103
 History:                                                                   418
 Geography                                                              401
 Economics:                                                             306
 Computer science                                                  101
 Text Books                                                              610
 General Science:                                                     282
 Education:                                                               34
 English language/literature:                                   630
 General Knowledge/quiz books                              117
 Reference books:                                                    701
 Miscellaneous: (study materials, religion, competitive, etc.):  2583
 Total No. Of Magazines/Periodicals:                             22
 Total No. of newspapers:                              5(Daily), 1(weekly)

4. Other Rooms 
 1. Sports – Indoor - 1 no 
 2. Reading Room
 3. Art 
 4. SUPW 

5. Number of class rooms : 44

6. Outdoor facilities : 
Football ground
 Cricket ground
 Basket Ball Court
 Hand Ball ground
 Kho- Kho ground.

7.Children Park for Primary Classes.