CMP Initiatives



The academic year of 2018-19 started in April. Activities plan for CCA, Examination, Film Shows, CAL/TAL programmes, CUBS/Bulbuls,Field trips &Excursion,School Readiness programme were well designed.


            Books were distributed as per strength of the class in the month of April 2018. After six months on rotation basis the books are redistributed.

Film Shows

            Film shows are conducted as per the time table fixed in the month of April 2015.  Film shows are conducted during block game periods every alternate weeks. We are using CAL/TAL room for film shows.We have more than100 CD’s and 1 DVD player



We have conducted school level sports activities for the classes 3rd ,4th and 5th during the last week. For classes 1st and 2nd yet tobe conducted.

Field Trip & Excursion

            One of the mega event under CMP is Field TripFirst field trip was conducted on 15.07.15. and students visited the various places.

I-                                                Tsunami Park

II-                                              Children’s Park

III-                                             Post Office

IV-                                             Police station

V-                                                Sadras fort.

VI-                The excursion trip for standard 5 was conducted on to and for class 4 on

Resource Room

            A well equipped resource room with the following facilities is available for the effective learning to the children.

1 smart board

1 set of Speakers

1 TV set

1 PC

1 DVD Player

            We have separate cub boards with enough TLM for all the 4 subjects.


            Classes are conducted as per time table. Every subject gets monthly one class.


Prepared subject wise and class wise monthly.

Grand Parents Day

Granparents day was conducted on 29. 9 2018.

Community Lunch

It is Scheduled for November

Health check up

            Yet to be decided